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The 7 Step Formula I Used to Build a $50 Million Dollar Online Business While Quarantined in My Home Office, Starting with a “Dumb” Idea & a Notepad

Plus the 2 Steps I Missed That Would’ve Put Us Over $100 Million in Sales

Warning: this has only been shared once at a mastermind that cost people $35,000 to attend…

My name is Kelly Felix…

And I must admit something embarrassing…

Not long ago I overheard some top marketers discussing me in private…

And what I heard was soul-crushing…

They said I was:

  • ​A Has-Been

  • ​Overrated

  • ​A One-Hit Wonder

And although the words pierced through me like a knife…

They were kinda right.

I had once been talked about in some circles as a “top marketer”…

But that was well over a decade ago.

My peers were now on stage with Tony Robbins or Richard Branson…

Changing the world.

Meanwhile I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs…

Thinking about “the good ole days”.

I hadn’t created a massively profitable website in ages.

I wasn’t even sure if I knew how anymore.

Maybe there was just too much competition these days…

Or maybe I just wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

Or maybe…

I had gotten lucky in the past, and my luck simply ran out.

In 2005 I created a product that 500,000 people purchased.

It was an ebook called “The Rich Jerk”.

I sold that company for a few million dollars…

And I thought I was a genius.

But being in my twenties and stupid…

I spent all the money in less than 2 years, until I was flat broke.

“Broke” as in…

Selling all of my stuff on eBay…

Going through a bitter divorce…

And my house going into foreclosure…

That kind of broke.

I was definitely less rich, and more jerk.

Not long after that, I was fortunate enough to partner with some people who were smarter than me…

And I earned a healthy income for a couple years, working alongside them.

But nothing to get overly excited about.

When those partners ultimately moved on to new, more successful projects without me…

I was left scratching my head.

What should I do next?

Well, for the next 5 years I jumped on every trend I could, such as:

  • ​Selling t-shirts from Facebook ads

  • Creating a ​Shopify Store

  • ​Selling on Amazon FBA

  • Being an Entrepreneur “Coach”
  • ​Doing Affiliate Marketing

  • ​Orchestrating a Big Product Launch

None of it worked.

Meanwhile, my friends were posting pics of their new Lamborghini’s on my

Facebook feed every other day.

And those posts chipped away at my confidence…

Like death by a thousand cuts.

Was I a loser?

What was I doing wrong?

Maybe I truly was the Vanilla Ice of marketing…

When I saw how much it affected her, I thought to myself “How many other people out there are in my mom’s situation?”

That gave me an idea.

What if I took the tips I had given my mom, and shared them online?

Would anyone find them, or use them?

I mean, credit repair sites are a dime a dozen.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to try though.

And maybe I could help a few people who were in a similar situation.

So I posted the notes on an online credit forum.

That way people didn’t have to comb through the internet day and night like I did…

Trying to piece together all of the best information.

Over time, I occasionally checked in on my post.

Not really thinking much of it.

After a few months it ended up receiving 6 pages of replies…

With a lot of heartfelt thank-you messages.

And that made me feel pretty good. 😊

So I thought, what the heck, maybe I should go a step further…

And try to help even more people fix their credit.

I got on Click Funnels and made a very simple one-page website (since I’m not a techie)…

And I shared my credit-repair tips on it…

The same ones I had shared with my mom.

But this time I jazzed my notes up a bit, going into even more detail…

Including how I filed 12 lawsuits against companies like Equifax, Amex, Transunion, Experian, and a bunch of debt collectors.

And detailing how I won 11 of those cases…

All while being so nervous that I could barely put 2 sentences together without stuttering in front of the judge.

While reviewing my little one-page website over and over…

I started to realize that the guide I was putting together…

Was exactly what I wished I had myself, when my own credit was terrible.

It was so simple, yet so good, and easy to understand.

I realized I might be able to charge money for it.

After all, I had put in hundreds of hours of research, gone to court, and learned the real do’s and don’ts of credit repair.

All on my own.

And a good credit score can easily save a person thousands of dollars, if not tens or hundreds of thousands.

Not to mention the stress relief, and all of the other benefits that come with having a good credit score.

So why wouldn’t I be able to charge a bit of money for it?

Now this is the point where some marketers, or entrepreneurs might say this was a “dumb” idea…

Because “credit repair” is a massively competitive industry.

Billion dollar companies.

And thousands of mid-level to smaller companies.

All competing for the same people.

But I had pretty much failed at every other website I made over the previous 5 years…

So why not be willing to fail yet again?

I didn’t have much to lose.

My ego was already pretty decimated at this point anyway.

It was so bad that I had actually developed a debilitating case of “panic disorder” and “agoraphobia”…

Meaning I was so terrified of the panic attacks I had every day, that I wouldn’t even leave my house.

No shopping trips, no meetings with friends, nothing.

Everything was a trigger.

So I was “self-quarantined” well before anyone had even heard of Covid.

All in all, it wasn’t a good time.

I tried over 50 medications…

Like a pharmaceutical guinea pig.

Despite the side effects, I powered through each day as best I could.

Focusing on my credit repair website helped to take my mind off the fear and constant battle within my brain.

Thankfully I could work from home, keeping the scary outside world at bay.

But just before I gave up altogether…

I thought, what if I got a little more creative?

My website was so basic.

I had been so focused on improving the credit repair tips…

That my website suffered, and it wasn’t very compelling.

It was ignoring the basic rules of marketing & copywriting altogether.

I mean at least I could try positioning my guide as being filled with credit repair “secrets” instead of just “notes”.

Sounds more interesting, ya know?

So I literally just changed the name of the product.

Could a simple change like that really move the needle, turning a losing website into a winner?

Well, wouldn’t you know it…

A few more people started trickling in here and there…

And some of them actually plunked down their cold hard cash for my newly renamed credit repair “secrets”!

Not only were there no refund requests…

My customers were over-joyed and thankful.

Maybe I was onto something here?

I began to think about how to reach more people.

How to cast a wider net, without breaking the bank.

Little did I know, we would end up being able to purchase a $2.4 million dollar house, have our cars paid for, and be able to put a nice chunk of change into long term investments, some bitcoin, our kid’s futures, and much more…

My wife Alison was so moved by the tearful videos people were sending in…

She offered to join me and be our lone customer service representative…

Answering any comments or questions that were sent in.

Since most of the messages were very uplifting…

It was a pretty feel-good job for her.

Messages from people like Brian Murray (below).

This guy was so appreciative of our help, he actually flew out to San Diego to shake my hand and thank me in person.

And I made sure to have a camera ready!

(Fair warning – we both shed a few tears)

 1) Sell a NEW way to make an OLD tired concept work – i.e. “I discovered a secret 11 word phrase hidden within the credit laws, that legally forced companies to remove my bad credit.”

 2) Use “fascinations” to peak curiosity – i.e. “On page 39 you’ll discover the little-known company that will approve ANYONE for a $25,000 Platinum Visa, regardless of their credit score.”

 3) “Punched in the Gut” story – Tell an emotional Hero’s Journey that they can relate to. (And just for a minute . . . not for long at all . . . I thought about the gun in the safe, in my closet . . .
and my life insurance policy. And that maybe, if it looked like an accident, my family really would be better off without me.)

 4) “It’s not your fault” –  i.e. people want to know it’s the greedy bankers and credit card companies at fault, and that the deck was unfairly stacked against them from the start.

 5) Use the Hemmingway App – 3rd grade level, conversational writing is the ultimate goal when selling.

 6) Upsell #1 should be DFY – i.e. something that makes the core product even easier to use, or completely “Done For You”.

 7) Bonuses – they should be so good that people would buy the initial product just to get them.

 8) Be a Shepherd to the customers once they’re inside – give them more than they expect (Over-delivering with unannounced bonuses).

 9) Avoid Analysis Paralysis by “moving fast and breaking stuff”. Nothing needs to be perfect.

 10) Anchor a high price – compare your price to the cost of everyday items  (For the less than a tank of gas you can turn your financial life around).

 SIDENOTE: I’ll share 37 other major notes & takeaways with you a bit later…

After weeks of studying the greats…

I began to feel like Neo in the Matrix, clearly seeing the exact path to take.

It was time to stop studying, and time to start “doing”.

So I put all of my energy into creating a sales video…

Detailing the many benefits of my credit repair “secrets”.

At first it was one of those “white board” videos…

Where you see a hand drawing on a white board, as a narrator reads the message out loud.

And truthfully, it turned out awful!

First off, the guy was left -handed, so his arm kept covering up the pictures as he was drawing…

Second, his arm had more hair on it than an 800 pound gorilla.

When I say hairy, I mean HAIRY.

Hair so thick, it made me nauseous to watch his arm jostling around.

This video wasn’t going to sell anything except an electric razor.

I was relentless.

I kept trying and failing.

Editing the sales message over and over and over.

No whiteboards.

No Neanderthal arms.

No gimmicks.

Just a simple video with text, stock images (of people in despair) and scary music.

Until I got it just right…

Like this:

Obviously a lot more went into taking the business from a one page website to a $50 million dollar success story.

We did Facebook ads.

We did native ads.

We did direct mail.

We did Youtube ads.

We did email.

We worked with affiliates.

We pretty much did it all.

I got a crash course on the do’s and don’ts of each part of running a successful business.

We even did TV….

We partnered with Larry King on an infomercial selling Credit Secrets.

At the end of the day I was selling a book.

So no matter what medium I used to advertise…

I was still just selling an “info-product”.

Information that was already out there available.

But scattered in a confusing way.

I just organized it.

And then I built a sales funnel tailored to each advertising source.

For example, the people coming to us from an article on Yahoo…

Would see a completely different message and offer than the people who saw us on TV and Googled us.

The people who called our 800 number would hear something completely different than the online messaging.

It’s all very precise.

I’d like to say I’m a genius, but the truth is, there’s a recipe to the success of Credit Secrets.

No matter what medium you are advertising on…

To sell an informational product…

Where you are just selling words that you organized from the internet…

There’s a detailed blueprint to follow.

I’ve used it 4 times now, and each time my business did 8 figures.

That’s $10 million+

I have 3 new businesses using the formula RIGHT NOW…

They’re each on pace to be 8-9 figure success stories.

So it really isn’t your fault if you haven’t created a massively successful info-product business.

You just don’t have the blueprint. (yet)

And there are so many fake-gurus out there peddling nonsense…

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and annoyed.

Here are just a few quick examples of info-products:

– Cookbooks

– Meal Plans

– How to Lose Weight

– How to Grow Your Own Food

– How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper

– How to Buy Wholesale Goods from China

– How to Negotiate & Persuade

– How to Buy & Sell on eBay

– How to Win Your Ex Back

– How to Meditate

– How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks

– How to Survive the Next Big Market Crash

The list goes on and on…

They all typically fall under one of these

3 major categories


Health, Wealth, or Love.

If you go to Clickbank.com, you can see thousands of examples of info-products for sale…

Or if you go to Youtube or Google and search “How to”…

There will be suggestions showing what most people are searching for…

In all sorts of categories.

And remember, it doesn’t matter if it already exists, because…

The key is, YOUR info-product should promise (and deliver) a new breakthrough on an old idea.

So that you stand out from the rest.

Instead of “How to Lose Weight”…

You could sell…

Next you would “pre-sell” people with an “advertorial”…

Which is a page that looks similar to a news story…

Hosted on a trusted site like USAtoday.com

And that “advertorial” would direct people to your website after “warming them up”…

Then your sales video would sell your weight loss “secret”.

That’s another (very generalized) part of my blueprint.

For example, with “Credit Secrets”…

Our advertorial pre-sell page was hosted on USAtoday.com
– a major news website.

So that name recognition and authority from USAtoday.com got transferred over to us…

And baked a lot of trust into the article immediately.

I have a list of dozens of major news outlets who allow articles like this…

Including the costs, who to contact and more. (And I’ll give you that list)

Because pre-selling is important.

But it’s only the beginning.

I’m Pulling Back the Curtain on it All…

I’ve put together a video blueprint of


I did to create a $50 million dollar business from scratch.

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