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GOOD NEWS FOR Stressed out moms… small space dwellers…. the chronically disorganized and… everyone else who is overwhelmed with their stuff

How you can easily live lighter and happier

where you are right now

What you are about to discover

How to de stress, so you feel good, and make a plan in the midst of chaos

Where to start-what to do- what Not to do. All your questions and more covered in this all-in-one- guide

How to see your clutter, make quick decisions and easily get rid of it

Awecome practical strategies for pain free decluttering at your fingertips

5 No Fail Organizing Keys for the chronically organized

Easy tips to keep simplifying, decluttering and organizing in minutes everyday

What to do when you have a messy house and you want to get organized immediately

The 3 step strategy when organizing kids, their rooms and their things

The 3 costly mistakes everyone with clutter makes

Has made a huge difference

“Wow” Thank you so much for putting all this great information together. Your simple system made decluttering so easy. All your information is so usable. Absolutely everyone can benefit from the advice in Get Organized-Get Happy e-book.

Carol Wickenden Entrepreneur, Clothing Designer Sydney Australia

To: Anyone who’s overwhelmed and frustrated with all the stuff they have in their lives

From: Jane Alais, fellow unclutterer and professional organizer

Are you fed up and stressed with the mess and chaos clutter brings.

Maybe you’ve searched for answers….. but feel confused by all the random bits of advice you read on the net….. and find it impossible to know where to start and what to do?

Then this will be the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why

Let me explain…

Hi, my name is Jane

A few years ago I moved a ton of possessions from Canada….. to a tiny two bedroom house in Sydney Australia.

Not only was this house small it had NO closets, cupboards, basement or garage.

At the time I didn’t even know houses existed without basements. I mean… where’s a girl supposed to keep all her extra stuff?

Maybe you can relate to my story.

Our house was full BUT when I had my children things quickly got overwhelming. We had way too many things, absolutely no storage space and I kept everything.

Don’t get me wrong….. I love being a mom….. but adding all the baby and toddler stuff to my overfull house made it impossible to enjoy my kids. Clutter made everyday hard work.

I seemed to be picking up and putting away all day long.

I began to feel chronically overwhelmed. I was a busy mom- with a million things to do every day. The housework was never ending. I seemed to be picking up and putting away all day long.


No matter what I did… everything seemed disorganized

I tried to be organized and find the right place for things. But I didn’t have the knack.

And guess what… I spent tons of time every day looking for… shoes, socks, pens and keys. You name it I looked for it.

My overfull house  drained my time and… I felt tired, grumpy and overwhelmed all the time. It was impossible to keep my house basically neat and tidy.

By the way. This is where my story gets really alarming

I was so tired I couldn’t face my cluttered disorganized kitchen so we often ordered pizza. I found out I had spent more at the pizza place than I had in my bank account.


What a shocking wake up call.

I never realized how much money clutter was costing me. Expensive take out food, costly disorganized grocery shopping, throwing away food we never ate, buying clothes I never wore, buying stuff on sale because I might need it, office supplies I never used and the toys my kids never played with.

At that moment I realized… my clutter, mess and disorganization cost me thousands of dollars.

So I thought I have to do something to get my home organized and stop wasting money. I was determined to get out of this clutter crisis and live lighter, simpler and manage money better.

But where to Start?

So, of course I went to the internet,

I don’t know about you… but very quickly I got into information overload! There were so many different tips and a lot of useless information out there. If one person said do this the other said do that. It was so confusing.

The information was piecemeal and complicated. I found it too difficult in my  overwhelmed state.

All I wanted was a simple- join the dots- all in one- resource that could handhold me through every step of the process, start to finish.

I wanted a new perspective. A fresh start AND a quick easy  way to dump all my clutter baggage.

Just give me simple easy to follow info in one place!

Anyway read on and let me save you the brain draining hours in front of your computer,

But if you are happy to stop and patch bits of info together, be prepared to be stuck, confused, frustrated…… and keep your clutter forever

Back to my story..

So I went back to the bottomless pit of scattered online information… to try to put something together that I could use. While I was searching for answers- I thought about some of the problems I had.

Maybe you can relate to this?

  • Don’t know where to start so you don’t start at all
  • Feel so frustrated you are tempted to throw everything out
  • Read some information, declutter, clutter comes right back
  • Overwhelmed and just want to breakdown
  • Live with enormous fear of making the wrong decision
  • Feel rotten and worried when you gave stuff away
  • Don’t really know what clutter is, just guess
  • Struggle to make meals and keep the kitchen clean
  • Resign yourself to live with paper piles, fatigue and disorganization
  • Just feel depressed when you think about organizing your finances

Have you ever felt like this?

You think information to help me would be easy to find? Hhhmmmmm

So I tried to put together relevant (so I thought) information to attempt to get things under control.

It didn’t work.

The information wasn’t simple or actionable. There were too many steps and no plan.

Most of the “declutter information” saw me getting rid of the wrong things and regretting decluttering again.

The information didn’t help me make the right decision or translate to my life and my home. I would start clearing stuff out, then it would get too hard and stopped.

The clutter just kept coming. I struggled with staying motivated but all I felt was fear.

It frustrated me to no end

To cut my long story short… I had a brilliant idea. Instead of decluttering I bought dressers and cupboards to put my stuff in.

Now things started to get a lot worse.

I collected more stuff and… I had more drawers to look through. I became more and more disorganized.

The frustration was building. I started spending big bucks on containing my clutter. I even thought about renting a storage unit.

To complicate things I continued to make bad decisions. In a frustrated decluttering frenzy I accidentally threw out some valuable jewelry, (left in a pocket of a pair of jeans I gave to charity).

I donated an expensive carpet and then I had to spend money to replace it. I sold my nice dishes and kept my cheap ones. I was dumping the things I loved in the name of clutter!

What was I thinking! This increased my fear of letting things go so I just hung on to things even tighter.

The internet information I gathered told me to organize my clutter. So I, bought organizing products. Guess what….. some of them were the wrong size, others ugly and….. most of them just added to my disorganization.

So now I had containers of things stacked everywhere.

You’re probably wondering what I did. Well… I was so angry about the wasted money and even bigger mess I gave most of the containers away.

My daily battle was in the kitchen. It was so disorganized… I could never figure out where to put things.

Deciding dinner started at 5 o’clock- with a quick dash to the store. My grocery bill was huge.

I probably trashed around 40% of the food we bought.

Don’t get me started on the mess in our office. Piles of paper, chaotic, bill paying system and boxes of disorganized files. I just didn’t know where to start or what to throw out.

And guess what?

I was a grumpy mommy and rotten partner. Household tasks were so time consuming… I couldn’t relax at home. My stress and unhappiness were starting to go off the charts.

I was tired of the same generic how to.

It didn’t give me support or change the way I thought about stuff. In fact all it did was make me waste a lot of money and end up creating even more clutter.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

So here I was in my shrinking home… feeling more and more depressed because my dream of an easier lifestyle and beautiful home were drifting far away.

I didn’t seem to be able to get my head above it all.

Have you ever felt like this, so stuck, not knowing what to do?

Desperate to find some answers?

Desperate to change?

Luckily as chance would have it I came across a community organizing course. To make myself feel better I enrolled and I loved it.

This course inspired me.

I started to understand at a deeper level why decluttering was a problem for so many people.

I asked my friends with great organizing genes about their habits, systems and routines.

I talked to people I knew who had conquered their clutter to live happy simpler lives.

I got a decluttering buddy and… started to test drive my ideas. As I downsized my stuff. I tried out the best of the best strategies to help others declutter their home and get organized successfully.

I learnt so much from every decluttering project.

As you can imagine all this experience really paid off.

So I dumped the advice that was useless and kept the concepts that were inspiring, fun and worked.


I thought just maybe there are other people like me out there?

You know…. who would benefit from my experience… and make life so much easier by having all the solid consistent information in one place-in one easy to read book.

And PRESTO-6 months later…. after many late nights and weekends at the computer I’d done it.

Introducing a simple easy to read e-book that will make all the difference to your life, your family and your home.


Transform Your Life in a Few Simple Steps

Get Organized Get Happy is wonderful. The e-book’s simple steps really worked to transform my home. The Befree planners make it easy to connect to your vision making clearing clutter and organizing straightforward. The strategies create positive visible results quickly.

Clarissa Patterson Interior and Costume designer,

Sydney Australia

Get Organized Get Happy is full of wisdom

Get Organized Get Happy is full of wisdom and practical tips that inspired me to “let go” of the things that were cluttering up my life. What an amazing difference to my home.

Anna Birch, Teacher, Sydney Australia

This is a must read e- book

This is a must read e- book. Full of easy tips anyone can do. It made decluttering and decision making easy. I come home from work and relax. House is tidy, dinner planned and waiting.

Louise Yakmission, Nurse, Manitoba, Canada

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you’ll have at your fingertips.

What you get is a proven practical room by room, step by step blueprint with flexible strategies that you can make your own.

Easy to understand language… and specific tips for all those clutter hot spots in your home like clothes, closets, files and paperwork.

I’ve included 5 decluttering methods so you can swap, change and use what really works for you and the one decluttering technique that you must know.

Not everyone is the same, or has the same amount of clutter so these strategies and techniques can be tailored to your energy, time and mindset.

And that’s just a small taste of what’s in store

  • The one rule that immediately blocks clutter from your home (page9)
  • How to identify your clutter and let go with confidence (pages 10,12)
  • Your 7 biggest clutter traps and how to get out of them (page11)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that sabotage any clutter clearing forever (page 22)
  • 40 Items you can get rid of right now that won’t make any difference to your life (page88)
  • The 15 keys you must know to declutter from the inside out (pages 13,53,76)
  • 5 room filled out decluttering blueprint for professional hand holding support, so you have an example to follow (pages 25-39)
  • 5 room filled out organizing blueprint for even more step by step hand holding support (pages53-75)
  • How to dump your mental clutter for a fresh start (page 11)
  • 5 step foolproof clutter busting system (page 15)
  • Why the Clutterfree keys double your storage without spending a cent (page 77)
  • The 7-second keystone habits that will keep your house neat and tidy (page 46)
  • The 1 decluttering technique you absolutely must follow or you are doomed to failure (page 22)


I even have special sections to simplify and organize your life. Things like menu planning, staying motivated, how and where to start and organizing kid’s things. I’ve even added quick routines that keep your house tidy and clean. There are motivating quotes, moral boosters and easy, organizing tips.

Did you know that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home? (Ottawa Citizen, newspaper (1/14/00


80% of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization not lack of space (Ottawa citizen 1/14/0)

I never knew that decluttering one area of your life could help in so many other areas. Now getting organized is quick and easy. Love the decluttering and organizing blueprints without them I would not have been able to take the first step without Get Organized Get Happy.

Irena Nikolic, Teacher Sydney, Australia

Now I would like you to experience what your home can be:

Just picture this for a moment. You come home tired from work or a day out. You open your door….smile and relax because you see a welcoming clean and tidy home. You walk into your spotless kitchen and make some tea. Your favorite dinner is in the fridge all ready to be cooked.

Paperwork, bills, laundry are under control… everything is where it should be. You feel contented and confident. Every item has its home so putting away is easy. There is nothing for you to do but sit down, relax and enjoy your time. Your home is a creative inspiring place to be. Your weekend is free for fun. What a joy.

There you have it… I don’t know about you but I wish I had all that information when I was overwhelmed by my stuff and in the middle of my clutter crisis.

Simple Solutions for Your Everyday Clutter Problems

And there is even more

ebook_bonus1BeFree Blueprint Planners

14 Planners in total so you can follow the re-imagine, re-think, re-do, re-style and reward strategy. These planners take minutes to fill out. 7 Decluttering Blueprint templates for the main rooms of your home, don’t have to think just follow the steps to make clutter fly out of your home 7 Organizing Blueprint templates for the main rooms of your home for more expert hand holding so every item in your home is neat and tidy

bonus2_ebookBonus #2 How to make Cash from your Clutter

  • How you can make back the cost of this e-book plus much more
  • How to turn your trash into someone else’s desperately wanted treasure
  • 3 Must know tips when selling stuff on e-bay or your local internet seller
  • 7 mistakes that create a garage sale disaster even if you are selling great stuff

bonus3_ebookBonus #3 The One Stop Home Binder for your incoming paper information

Only for those who are sick of paper clutter and lose information all the time an absolute essential for anyone with children.

26 Home Binder templates for you to use, for chores, cleaning, cleaning schedules, school information, grocery shopping plus much more


The best part- the price, and to be honest with you if I added up the countless hours of hard work I’ve poured into this e-book, and all the evenings and weekends I sacrificed, I would have to charge you hundreds of dollars of labor.

I could easily sell this package for $97, it would be great value. But I want to keep it reasonable for you.

Considering you would have to pay at least a thousand dollars to hire a professional organizer for a few days… (not to mention all the mega costly decluttering mistakes you’ll now avoid)…I want to keep it reasonable… around the equivalent price of a container or two at your neighborhood storage store.

I don’t know about you… but before I decluttered I would spend way more than $47 dollars every few weeks on useless stuff I didn’t need like,… groceries we never ate, take away meals, toys the kids didn’t need and containers to hold nothing but junk.

Here’s another little surprise. Since this is the launch of my book –I’d like to give you an extra bonus. But you’ve got to jump on it quick because I will be bumping up the price to $47.97 soon.

So here’s the thing, I’m not sure how long I can keep it at this special price but since you are here now you can grab the whole lot for 27.97. But you really have to jump on it quick because like I said I will be bumping the price up to the original $47 soon.

How am I doing that? Simple. Here’s my Zero Risk Guarantee. Check it out


Still not convinced Get Organized Get Happy The Simple Guide to Declutter and Organize your Head Home and Heart is the best deal on the market?

Don’t Decide Now! Buy it, try for a few days and if you still don’t think Get-Organized Get-Happy is worth every penny I’ll buy it back,

Procrastinating can be a costly mistake. So to avoid disappointment act now and order a book before the price goes up.

Lets recap what you are going to get

What You Get


Get-Organized Get-Happy $47
BonusGet Organized Get Happy Blueprint Planners $30
BonusHow to make Cash from your Cutter $30
BonusThe One Stop Shop Home and Family Organizer $30
Total $137

So there you have it –you have two choices

1. Keep doing what you’re doing and pray that things will get better OR

2. Take a stand and get rid of your clutter

You have nothing to lose, right

Here’s to living a little lighter


Jane Alais

P.S. If you are serious about dumping your clutter baggage and taking action for a fresher more organized home …and you want an easy road map and… the right handholding from start to finish… your search is over…You are just a click away from having it all (and more) at your fingertips for only $27.97

P.P.S. Don’t forget…the next time you come to this site the price might be back up to the original $47.97, (which is dirt cheap anyway) And remember you get $120 worth of bonuses as well

P.P.P.S. Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my $100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!


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