How To Build Self Cleaning Chicken Coops & Farms At 1/10 Of The Price.

How To Build Self Cleaning Chicken Coops & Farms At 1/10 Of The Price.

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Who is it for?

Compared to traditional chicken coops you want to reduce your daily chores 10 fold? Then this information is for you. I won’t promise anything else but the cutting edge of chicken coops, farms bound with nature itself on a DNA level.

Who is it not for?

For the ones who usually blame others because of their failure in life. Nor this product or anyone can help them. Think about a gym membership. Doing pushups does the work not paying a vip membership hang on the wall.

We need to be realistic here we are talking about keeping chickens, animals or life in general. Things get messy. If you don’t like to keep animals … it’s just a fashion or trendy idea then please then don’t keep animals at all. It’s better on both parts.

Playing with the neighbors animals, making pictures with them then going home is a better option. If you’re into traveling, have a small family you might consider the animals are alive. Equipment can go broken. Their water might freeze. A spring in the automatic food disposal system might get blocked.

Even the title sounds fantastic (and it is) you need to realize these are live animals who can suffer if a human is not checking on them once in a while. Ideas on the forum and the engineering construction might be a new benchmark in the industry but again and again please keep in mind we talk about live animals.

Money back guarantee.

You can read the money back guarantee guideline here. Keep in mind that’s not a miracle product and the mess & chores won’t disappear miraculously (while you snap your fingers).These chicken coops are among the most, if not the most tidy chicken coops ever built. Be it in a visual or in a microbiological way. However accidents could happen. There is no typical situation.

Tens, if not hundreds of factors can alter the results. Small details can mess up things or slow them down. All is related to the context. Yours. That’s why I don’t want to sell you an ebook or pdf. Climate, surroundings differ. Is about the context itself.

I want to make sure first we see the big picture then you will see what tools you should use to get the perfect results for your context. And if in doubt we are here. Want to make sure your building chicken coops or farms lower than 1/10 of the conventional price. Be it a hobby or a business.

Please let us help you achieve that.

Check out the various models and explanations within the community. If you don’t like it nobody pushes you to build them. You can ask questions, argue in a polite way. Come up with upgrades or requests. That’s why we are here. To design the best chicken coops ever built at a fraction of a price. It works out the best who want to build a business and want to grow lightning fast.

Way less persons to hire & manage. Constructions are super cheap so no huge debt to the banks. If things go bad you wont loose it all.

A tidy, clean garden. And its good for a small family who wants to be sure they eat the best of the best ,,,, with less of a hustle. Within the community we’ll discuss freely the above mentioned topics, solutions & suggestions. You’ll get the newest details and updates.

What you need to access the product? The information presented is within Microsoft formats. Especially Microsoft one note or Microsoft excel. You can choose to view them online or you can open them on a desktop, laptop computer as well. For best readability install Microsoft one note on a computer. As a bonus join for free a LinkedIn group to discuss it even further. After the purchase please wait at most 36 hours to get the email with the instructions provided.

As at any other platform the rules are similar. Bad boy behavior won’t be tolerated and it will terminate your account. Sharing your account login details will terminate your club membership as well. Please be nice and tolerant. None of us needs irony or trolling.

You further acknowledge and agree that you have read, and you will read periodically the terms and conditions, privacy policy page. It changes overtime.

Language. The website, product, forum is in English. However if that’s not your first language, and some parts are more difficult to understand than Microsoft one note can traduce it for you. LinkedIn forum can be traduced with google chrome browser. If you made it so far with a non-English interface: than probably you’ll understand it quite well.

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