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Here’s what we got:

Showmyprofits has been around for 6 years and has had great reviews. It is a simple to use complete system for internet business owners to calculate profits on products using a unique search algorythm against online stores and auctions in REAL time.

See below for an instructional on how to use it. This software is completly internet based. You’ll be able to login immediatly after purchasing it.

You get Instant profit formula results that combines all factors into one easy total profit number
using Profit Smart Technology.

Here’s what it will do for you:

Save time doing product research on
profitable products. No need to spend countless
hours doing research on products. Instantly
determine current market prices on products you wish
to sell. Some other features include:

Results analysis that gives you the results of all data at a
Average cost results for your specific product range so you
don’t need to filter down from hundreds or thousands of results
Average shipping results
eBay and Fee Calculations at a glance — no manual
Competitive listings that are very related to yours instead
of sifting through unrelated listings
Related keywords and related products to aid your pricing
Feedback scores to discover the big players in your niche
Live Auction results from eBay
Live Auction results from
Results from over 1000’s of other websites to compare prices
against using Manufacturer’s SKU!

Screen Shot

The secret to why
Show My Profits works so effectively is that its proprietary SmartProfit
quickly filters through millions of LIVE eBay and
with a few clicks of the mouse. It automatically focuses specifically on
those results that mean the most to you.

Show My Profits’
Profit Smart technology is designed to bring back the results that match
those in your MSRP price range, product, and product category. It
deliberately gives you a limited number of results because it gives you only
the results that are the closest match. That way you save yourself the time
and effort of wading through hundreds or thousands of less relevant results
that don’t tell you what you need to know. This extensive filtering process
does the work for you and saves you enormous amounts of time and

If you’ve tried
doing manual research on eBay and before, you’ll know what I
mean. You can literally spend hundreds of hours researching products and
still not get the information you need if you’re not automating your
research using Show My Profits. This powerful tool is designed so that you
don’t need to manually look through a HUGE number of less relevant or
irrelevant listings. Show My Profits does the work for you, saving you
invaluable time, effort, and frustration. Just think of what you can do with
that extra time and money!

Here’s what you need to do next:

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We are so confident in the information in Show My Profits

we stand
behind the program with a 100% unconditional 60-DAY guarantee


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