Discover The Age Old Secret Of The World’s Most Wealthy Elites

Discover The Age Old Secret Of The World’s Most Wealthy Elites

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Receive The Following “Covid-19′ Bonus.

This workshop includes 3 specific conscious meditation tracks and a PDF workbook to activate your temporal lobes, learn to be more energy sensitive and open your third eye. By activating your temporal lobes you can open gateways to magic and avenues to miracles through more powerful intuition, more lucid visualizations and more energy sensitivity.

Human Activated

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60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Remember You Don’t have to say YES right now. Go through the tracks for the next 60 days RISK FREE , If you are not 100% satisfied, simply email me personally at: and request a refund. You don’t need to answer any questions or justify anything, that kind of stuff doesn’t resonate here at Join Now To Get Instant Access Today !

Thank you I feel infinite gratitude for being blessed so delightfully by stumbling onto your program. This has been the missing key for me and it’s been so simple and natural. I feel like I am living a different life now , a life of abundance and joy. Before I was worrying about money, now I have always had more than I need. I have had not one but four unexplainable ‘windfalls ‘ since I started being ‘activated’. I’ve paid off my debt and have some serious savings. It’s amazing.

Marion B. - LOA88

Marion B.

Activated Abundance

I’ve tried lots of other audio programs before – Brainwave, Subliminals, Hypnosis… you name it I’ve tried them all. These audios are different. I feel so energized and confident, I feel like a new man! My energy is up and it must show as I have been eating healthier and taking care of all the things that had piled up. Best of all I attracted a new girlfriend into my life, it’s been magical! I feel I have made huge progress since starting Human Activated.

Dan L.

Attracted a soul mate

Human Activated has helped me love myself more and feel more confidence in the decisions I make’. My days run much more smoothly and really have clarified and found a much more clear path to what my purpose is right now. I’m enjoying getting up every morning again . I can’t thank you enough. Namaste’:).

Erin M.

Activated clarity and purpose

I was skeptical probably because I was in a low state of being as described in your video. I can say my life has really changed since I have been focused on raising my state as per Human Activated. My body has lost weight , but more important I have got my dreams back and my belief in myself to achieve them. I’m taking joyous action daily. I love it!

Thomas G.

Activated his dreams

At first it was scary leaving my old career but I was relieved how quickly I was able to replace my old income, and am doing what I have always wanted to do, be a Yoga instructor and healer. I finally got the confidence to take action and wanted to say thank you, peace and love James.

Isabella T.

Activated more income doing what she loves

From the success I have had helping thousands of individuals with my Flow State and Heart of Flow programs, I get asked to recommend products all the time but rarely do. Human Activated is easy and innovative. It’s the first self help product I have seen from someone who actually comes from a background of wealth, has humbly practiced what he teaches and willing to reveal what has made him very successful. I have known James since 2014 and worked together on SuperHuman Code, highly recommended.

CraigBeltsGreyCrop - LOA88

Raise Your State Instantly Anytime, Anywhere You Go

Each track is between 17 and 25 minutes long. Each time you listen raises your state, expands your consciousness, taking you closer to the essence of your true nature. Stress is gone, you can feel the difference instantly like night and day. Some of the ways you will know your consciousness is expanding is through feelings of greater peace, gratitude, joy and harmony. You’ll experience less drama and stress in your life as you live abundantly and with harmony. 


Track 1 Abundance Activation

Its specific focus is to activate your potential to attain whatever you desire including money,
love, success, free time. This is the main tool I used to raise my state of being and start my day with a quantum vibrational upgrade. It’s like doing years of meditation in 17 minutes while I do the essential energy planning for my day.


Track 2 Advanced Manifestation

This is a more in depth vibrational ‘spa’ if you will. Going deeper into the realms of your subconscious to gently clear parts of your personality construct which do not align with or may be holding you back from an abundant reality. You’ll be guided to activate your highest state of being and charge yourself with the essence of whatever you desire to come to you in its highest form.


Track 3 Release Of Negative Emotions

This is my go to tool for whenever I find myself worrying, stressed out or doubting myself. I personally attribute this track to keeping me ‘wrinkle free’ and optimizing my energy and health. You’ll Release the ‘lower’ emotions like doubt and fear you may be holding in your mental, emotional and physical bodies.
The negative energy which may sooner or later attribute to degenerative disease.
You’ll expand your awareness of what thoughts and feelings are ‘mass consciousness’ and not of your true nature.
I feel a surge of euphoria and gratitude every time I use this.
This is an essential tool for anyone’s spiritual and conscious evolution.


Track 4 Service To Humanity Activation

Awaken what you came here to do in service and upgrade your abilities to do it. This is the process which led and encouraged me to create this very program. You have a purpose unique to you which is your nature and true calling to serve humanity with. When you become clear with your purpose and follow it passionately, you will so rapidly attract to yourself amazing ‘coincidences’ and serendipitous circumstances nurturing and grooming your potential. Your life will work in better ways as you are an inspiration and light to others, while you experience the gratitude, love and infinite abundance of the universe in turn for your service.


Track 5 Soul Mate Attraction And Connection

Attracting a soul mate is a different process than raising your state. Once you are in your highest state, your true nature is clear and radiating to the world. You are like a beautiful beacon of love and light. This is the place in your life you want to be when attracting soul partners into your life. And this is the tool I used to attract many wonderful connections and magical relationships.


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