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Are you tired of going to the grocery store or gas station and only seeing the prices go up while your paycheck remains stagnant? Are you tired of searching for an investment that earns more than the 1% you can make in a savings account, CD’s or bonds? Are you tired of fighting with your spouse over finances and budgets? Do you wish you had the time to pursue your real passion and live the life you want to live without abiding by someone’s else’s schedule because you need a paycheck? Are you tired of worrying where your next dollar is going to come from? Are you tired of your paycheck evaporating the minute it hits your bank account? As if it couldn’t get worse, your company is downsizing and your reward for being a model employee is your boss giving you more responsibility. At the end of every day you’re exhausted and don’t know how you’ll ever escape the rat race. If only you could tell your boss to shove it!

Five years ago, I was like many of you.  Although I started investing at a young age, I didn’t know what I was doing and went through the school of hard knocks. I invested in the stock market in the 90’s and made and lost a fortune. In my mid 20’s, I was laid off from my job and decided to try real estate investing. I bought a house to rehab and flip and almost lost my shirt. But my education allowed me to turn a difficult deal into a 70% return while seeing the signs of the coming real estate collapse and getting out while the getting was good in late 2006. After that, I met some wealthy people that challenged my thinking and introduced me to little known investment areas that the wealthy had used for decades. I also learned other concepts that helped me succeed in the previous investment areas that I had once failed in. That brings me to today.

My name is Jamie Bush and I’ve started Jamie’s Money Advice to help educate people in investing and managing personal finances. I truly believe there’s a failure in personal financial education in this country. Only recently has this been brought to light as a result of the subprime loan crisis where uneducated borrowers signed documents without understanding how the loans worked only to lose big when banks took their houseBrokers, hedge funds and Ponzi schemes are stealing people’s money! Many others are up to their ears in debt and feel trapped. 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck or worse. There’s no reason for this. Many of my friends expressed interest in hiring me as their financial advisor and rather than just help a few, I decided I could help them and many others achieve financial freedom and better investing skills.

So you’re probably thinking, “Why should I listen to you?” Well, I have invested in real estate, traded my first stock with help from my Dad at age 13 and bought my first property at the age of 21. I did all of this on no more than a $30,000 salary while living in the NYC metropolitan area (for those of you that don’t live in the area, this is unheard of). I’ve spent the last 14 years studying and actually doing most of the topics that I cover. Rather than spending 14 years, thousands of dollars and countless hours learning this on your own, let me help you get there faster. I explain complex investing ideas and economic theory in simple ways that anyone can understand. 

Imagine what financial freedom could mean for you. You could finally take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. You could stop worrying about money. You could quit your job and get involved in the things you’re passionate about.

Members will easily learn how to achieve returns of 5 to 20% using investment vehicles not in the mainstream, some with the potential for 100 or 1000% returns. New content is added regularly. You’ll get immediate access to exclusive videos, articles and documents so you can get started making money right away. You can start investing with as little as $30 in the investment areas I cover.


“Jamie’s Money Advice has and continues to be an invaluable tool in investing and his pulse on the global economy provides guidance in a roller coaster economy in the USA! Thank you, Jamie’s Money Advice!” – Matt, NC


Topics Include:

  • Investing in Tax Liens – A little known way to make 18% on your money and maybe even get a house for pennies on the dollar.

  • How to Analyze Real Estate Deals – I’ll show you how the big firms analyze properties to make sure you reduce your risk and make a good return.

  • Becoming Your Own Bank – The ultra-rich use this technique to make fortunes.

  • Private Lending – Be a bank and make a great return by lending to others.

  • Fundamental Analysis – Learn to analyze balance sheets of businesses and figure out if they are a good buy.

  • Analyzing Charts – Learn to read charts for stocks, options and FOREX like pro traders do.

  • How Leverage Works – Understand how to amplify returns like the rich do.

  • The Real Value of Currency – Understand the fiat currency system and how money works.

  • FOREX – Learn how to trade global currencies for big profits.
  • Options – Over 4 hours of training on how to trade options and use them for insurance and income.

In addition you’ll learn:

 Basic Economics

Why the EU and US Financial Problems Will Change Everything

Risk Management

What Countries are on the Verge of a Default

How to Repair Your IRA and 401(k) … and much more


“Jamie brings to the table a wealth of investing knowledge that I haven’t seen elsewhere, covering a broad range of topics that include real estate, taxes, investing in stocks, bonds, options, commodities and trading currencies. He’s not a one-trick-pony when it comes to building wealth, so if real estate is not your thing, you can focus on adopting other strategies. He’s great at teaching complex financial concepts because he genuinely cares about his students and wants them to experience more financial freedom in their lives.” – Angela, Canada


Plus I’ll give you 3 bonus videos for free and special updates on where I’m investing my money

BONUS VIDEO #1 – Managing Risk

Most people have no idea how to manage risk, much less calculate it, by the returns they expect to make. In this video, you’ll learn the correlation so you don’t become a victim of a Ponzi scheme.

BONUS VIDEO #2- Understanding Markets & Currency

This video explains basic economics in a simple way that everyone can understand. You participate in this every day without realizing it. This will open your eyes to what’s going on around you so you can take advantage of it and even profit before others see changes.

BONUS VIDEO #3 – 9 Types of Investments

This video explains nine areas where you can and should invest your money. Most people are only aware of 2 or 3. I will teach you all nine.

Other similar guru’s will charge you thousands for this info and many of them don’t even do the techniques they’re recommending. I stand by my advice and so do the many members who are already benefiting from the information at Jamie’s Money Advice. In the coming years there will be two types of people, the ones that learn what I’m teaching and prosper and the ones that continue to suffer and feel the weight of debt and financial struggles becoming more and more devastating. I want to help people better their lives. That’s why I’ve made it affordable for everyone. Financial problems can lead to depression, anxiety, stress and failed marriages. There’ nowhere else you can get this kind of financial education, especially at this price. When you sign up, your eyes will be opened to new ideas and real investing strategies that can make you wealthy and be able to quit your day job.


“I enjoy reading Jamie’s Money Advice because it helps me stay current on issues that affect my bottom line.  He has keen insight on personal finance and money management written from a global perspective.  His blog touches on a myriad of international topics relevant to financial freedom.  However, the members-only section provides articles, videos, documents, in-depth analysis, and wealth creation strategies relevant and imperative for savvy investors. Thanks, Jamie!”  

– Charles, France


My competitors charge anywhere from $100 to $300 per month for similar advice!

And for that they typically only focus on one specialty like stock trading or real estate.

Would you pay $200/month to be able to quit your job?

Is it worth $100/month to stop fighting with your spouse about money?

Would you pay $50 per month to learn to make $5,000 per month?

I won’t charge you $200/month

Or even $100/month for much better quality content

At $50/month it’s a steal but I won’t even charge you that!

I’ll give you complete access to the member’s area for only $29.99/month

New content is added monthly. There’s a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, you can cancel at any time. I never sell any of your information to anyone, so signing up is safe.

I’m on a mission to help thousands achieve great investment returns on their own and achieve financial freedom.

You’re guaranteed results or I’ll refund your money.

I recently raised the monthly price from $9.99/month to $29.99/month. Those who got in first are locked in at that rate. I can’t guarantee how long it will remain at this low price but I can guarantee that if you join now, you’ll lock in this low rate as long as you remain a member.

Remember, there’s a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time. There’s no risk to try it today. Don’t be one of the people left out in the cold not knowing what to do, never being able to retire.

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