Obd2 Windows Software & Elm327 Car Diagnostics Scanner: Obd Software

Obd2 Windows Software & Elm327 Car Diagnostics Scanner: Obd Software

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TOAD - Car Diagnostic Tool for OBD2, OBDIIATTENTION all serious DIY home car owners or auto mechanics…

Quickly, Easily and Safely ‘HACK’ Your Car To Run Better & Faster — Also Save Money and Time On Repairs By…

Performing Advanced OBD Diagnostics, Reading/Clearing Faults… And Legally Optimize Performance, HP, Fuel Efficiency, Torque, Engine Longevity and Power — Just Like $250p/h Professional Mechanics Would Do… ”

TOAD can dig deeper into car’s (OBD, OBDII, OBD 2) system – than even top-end $3,000+ OBD2 scan tools.

Software Updated:

What is TOAD®

(TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics™)?

TOAD® is a complete professional OBD2 scan obd2 windows softwaretool software for ELM327 interfaces that lets you perform powerful and comprehensive health and performance checks on your car – like never before possible.

It will show you in precise detail what’s going on inside different systems via visual, easy-to-understand customizable graphs.

You can also make optimized performance changes by editing, tuning and reprogramming cars ECU chip data (brain that controls how the car runs). This is typically called “car tuning”.  [More about how car tuning works…]

We make this possible for you by including 17 sensational car-manufacturer-approved OBD2 software — that will connect to your vehicle as seen below:

Connect Car to Interface and OBD2 SoftwareIt’s simple as hooking up ELM327 (USB, Bluetooth, WIFI) – and loading up TOAD OBD2 Reader/Scanner Software.

What’s more, TOAD will instantly show you existing problems and DTC ‘check engine’ faults often associated with the concerning “malfunction indicator light” (MIL) on the dashboard.

But our OBD diagnostic tool goes beyond traditional OBD2 scan tools or handheld OBD code readers. TOAD will tell you where the ‘check engine’ related fault is LOCATED – and how to fix it. This is something you’ll only find possible at mechanics. Now you’re totally in control!

In short, this kind of thorough OBD tool capability could save your car from potential future failures — ultimately saving you thousands of lost dollars, time and frustration before the vehicle brakes down unexpectedly. Worse yet, leaving you or your customer stranded!

Click on arrow to see practical example how TOAD can help…

andoid ios obd apps

FACT : TOAD on average extracts 50-90% more DTC ‘check engine’ fault codes and critical operations data… than Android/iOS apps (like Torque, OBD Car Doctor, DashCommand, ScanMaster, EOBD Facile), or common hand-held OBD2 scan tools. This is because TOAD is constantly improved by finest car engineers and technicians responsible for moving auto-industry standards forward.

Bottom line: This is the SAME type of software that’s usually ONLY reserved for highest rated, registered and acclaimed car repair shops, manufacturers, serviceman and mechanics — which they pay upwards of $3,000 to obtain. And it’s now available to you at fraction of the cost and with same capabilities as you’ll see below.

For example — TOAD OBD software allow you to:

In addition to software’s help — you’ll also get comprehensive step-by-step manuals that’ll save you time, money and frustration by quickly revealing the vehicles fault code error, it’s meaning, where the problem is located… and how to fix it using the most cost-effective way.

Is This OBD Software & Car Tuner Right For Me?

TOAD® is suitable for home car owners who want to save hundreds of dollars by doing it audi bmw vw honda toyota etc...themselves. Or for professional car mechanics/service shops that need the latest cutting-edge detection, reading and ECU car chip tuning software.

What’s more — we offer unlimited and lifetime personal technical support, provided by experienced car mechanics. This to ensure that you make maximum use from TOAD software for your vehicle(s).

You’ll be guided by expert step-by-step, simple-to-follow advice on anything that has to do with car repair, OBD diagnostics, ECU chiptuning/programming and 3rd party service recommendations.

We breathe and live this stuff every day! So feel free to contact us. 🙂

Eitherway — hopefully you’ll start to notice as you keep reading below that we’re authentic car experts — and the software you’re about to own is absolutely world-class.

TOAD OBD Software Features and Benefits…

How Is TOAD Different to Other Similar Car Diagnostic Packages On the Market?

Okay, So What’s the Cost For this Incredible Package?

If you’re an auto mechanic or car shop, let’s do a quick price comparison…

Last time I checked, buying a professional OBD scanner, car diagnostic tool or OBD code reader… that’s constantly UPDATED and improved to have maximum compatibility with the latest OBD2 car standards — would set you back at least $3,000.

Now imagine buying software for both reading car data PLUS car tuning / reprogramming car chip data. You’re looking at least over $25,000. And there’s no guarantee competitor software will 100% because you’re dependent on ONE software only to do the job.

With TOAD, you’ll have multiple software applications as form of backup. Each has it’s own set of strengths. This exponentially increases your chances of successfully connecting to cars OBD2 diagnostics system and performing tuning.

If you’re a home car owner

Without TOAD — you can always take your car to a mechanic who is going to charge you at least $250+- p/h for a single typical job that TOAD can perform from comfort of your laptop.

And what happens when you stack multiple jobs throughout the years of owning your car(s), for various issues it may encounter? We’re talking about spending an average $20,000 with car mechanics, just to keep your car running!

With TOAD, you’ll significantly cut this cost down by up to 50-80%. Because you’ll be always armed with knowing what’s really wrong. Hence no dealer can over-charge you for a broken part. This also puts you in power for negotiation to get the best possible price!

Either way…

With TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics®, you win. Because I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the thousands of dollars that you’ll ultimate save when you get a hold of this package. Especially when you account all the lost time and frustration you would’ve otherwise likely experienced without these powerful tools at your disposal.

I’ve decided to make this all-in-one software package available to you for only $899 $499 $397. Simply because we’d like to make this available to as many folks who are in need of cutting down on costs and saving time and overall headaches. Your investment is still minuscule to the costs you’ll save as I’ve mentioned above.

Plus this is a one-time investment for lifetime support.

The world’s most powerful, complete and comprehensive OBD/ECU diagnosis and remapping software package can be yours in the next 5 minutes by placing your order .

What Others are Saying About TOAD…

Of course, if you’re skeptical for whatever reason, I’d like to make this as a risk-free offer as you can get…

Here’s 5 Good Reasons to Own TOAD Today…

I urge you to take action right now and grab this package before we raise the price back to $397.00.

It’s discounted for a limited time because we’re currently doing a marketing test at $97 vs. $397.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one.


Alex Eisenberg

Former Lead ECU Software Programmer at Toyota Motor Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

BMW Series-3 Car Engineer at Headquarters at Munich, Germany.

Alex - OBD & Tuning Engineer

P.S. Is your vehicle supported? Click here to find out.

P.P.S. Software updates are free for life. Meaning you’ll always be up to date with new car releases. And never be stuck because you can always rely on our unlimited lifetime support.

P.P.P.S. Remember, I’m putting all the bets and risk entirely on me. Because I’m gladly covering you with a unconditional, fair and honest 1 year money back guarantee. Meaning if TOAD doesn’t help you or you’re not satisfied with it for whatever reason —simply contact us and we’ll help you out.

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