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Help… Caring for the Elderly

The Big M: A Biblical Study on Masturbation


His Eye Is On The Sparrow

My Special Prayer Journal

Jesus Christ, Lord and Messiah

Life’s Fat Cats – An Answer to Discouragement

When the Storms Come 

Faith to Live By

He’s Coming Back Again

The Lord’s Prayer: Praying the Way Jesus Taught

The Amazing Love of God

The ‘One Another’ of the Bible

Jeremiah, a Man for His Time

The God Who Is Always There

For Such a Time as This

Jonah, the Reluctant Prophet

Bible Doctrine

Who is This Man, Jesus?

Is There Life After Death?

Hell, The Unspoken Truth

End Times

Rushing to Armageddon

What On Earth is Happening?

Seven Reasons I Believe in the Rapture of the Church

He’s Coming Back Again

Days of Noah and the Return of Christ

Disasters and the Return of Christ

Israel and the Return of Christ

Politics and the Return of Christ

Prophecy and the Return of Christ

Religion and the Return of Christ

Revival and the Return of Christ


Your Payoneer Solution

PayPal Basics for Newbies 

The A-Z Marketing Guide

Streamline Your Social Media

Conquering the Email Monster


With My Own Eyes


Amazon Categories – Resource for Authors

How To Write Ebooks That Sell

iBook Publishing Made Easy

Religion and Religious Philosophy

What About the Occult? A Biblical Perspective

The Truth about Nostradamus: Prophet or Clairvoyant?

What Do Muslims Believe?

What Do They Believe? Manual comprising 17 Cults & Isms

The Children of God: What Do They Believe?

Christadelphians: What Do They Believe?

Christian Science: What Do They Believe?

Eastern Religions: What Do They Believe?

FreeMasons: What Do They Believe?

Jehovah’s Witnesses: What Do They Believe?

Moonies: What Do They Believe?

Mormons: What Do They Believe?

The New Age Movement: What Do They Believe?

The Old/New Apostles: What Do They Believe?

The ‘Oneness’ Doctrines: What Do They Believe?

The Plain Truth: What Do They Believe?

The School of Truth: What Do They Believe?

Scientology: What Do They Believe?

Seventh-Day Adventists: What Do They Believe?

Spiritism: What Do They Believe?

Transcendental Meditation: What Do They Believe?

General Publications (Other Authors)

YOU: An Owners ManualYour Body: How It Works and How to Care for It

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