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Certified Law of Attraction Coach Who Suffered From Two Heart Surgeries, Severe Depression, and Imminent Bankruptcy Reveals The Money-Multiplying Secret He Used to 3X his monthly income from $1,835 to $6,749 per month in 47 Days

From: The Desk of Sebastian Soul

To: Deliberate Creator

“Do you know that YOU are NOT supposed to be rich?”

What if I told you that all these spiritual gurus with their long robes and fake “namaste” smiles have lied to you…just like they have lied to me?

And what if I told you that the government wants you to stay poor?

They use their Fear Frequency to keep you at such a low level of consciousness that attracting more money into your life becomes IMPOSSIBLE.

We are on the verge of the biggest financial crisis in the history of mankind and I don’t want you to end up in the same dark, hopeless, and desperate place I ended up in.

Here’s what happened to me when I fell for their lies…

A couple of months ago I was trapped.

I was trapped at such a low level of consciousness that I manifested TERRIBLE events in my life.

I mean, my suffering started right after I was born with a congenital heart defect…

“Say hello to little Sebastian…”

I was convinced that I was destined to suffer for the rest of my life…

Have you ever manifested something horrible and said to yourself:

“I didn’t want that! Why me? Why do I have to suffer so much?”

That’s what I screamed at my reflection in the mirror every day.

I was so full of hate, so full of anger, and so depressed that I sabotaged my life.

Have you ever felt like everything you do is WRONG?

That NOTHING is working out in your life?

For me, that was my definition of life.

I didn’t even have the patience to relax and close my eyes for 10 minutes a day. 

This would have spared me from so much suffering!

Instead, I continued to believe that life is suffering…

I and my bank account paid the price. 

While I prayed to God to give me more money, I manifested more and more debt into my life.

Have you ever been in debt?

Have you ever NOT had enough money to buy healthy food?

I’ve been there.

I ruined my health by eating “street food” in Bangkok for almost three years because…

Well, I was broke.

“Believe me…you don’t want to be broke in this city…”

And I still remember this humiliating feeling to NOT be able to buy good food and to SETTLE for food you know makes you sick.

It feels disgusting. I felt disgusting.

I also remember the day when a Google Algorithm completely destroyed one of my businesses.

My income went from roughly $1.200, which was barely enough to survive, to under $500 a month.

My biggest nightmare became reality:

“How can I pay for a flight back to Germany?”

“For a moment I thought about swimming until the waves would swallow me…”

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever been so broke that you have to beg your parents for money?

Have you ever been so broke that you see no other way out than to move back in with your parents?

It was my only option.

And believe me, as an adult in your late 20s, there’s nothing more humiliating.

I also remember the job I HAD TO TAKE while I was living with my parents.

Getting up every morning with severe pain in your stomach is not good for raising your vibration.

But back then I just had one thought in mind: Survival.

So I took the job.

Every day was pure torture.

Even the commute from my parent’s house to the office in Karlsruhe, a city in the South of Germany, was a painful journey.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…every day was filled with pain, with anger, and with frustration.

My inner being was crying for help. My soul was bleeding.

But I was FORCED to do it.

I mean, I had to earn money somehow…even if it meant to suffer every day…

Today, now that I am financially free, it’s hard to believe that I once had this mindset.

Well, that was before I discovered the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting your desires.

This was BEFORE my accident…

There’s a reason why I remember this ACCIDENT so vividly.

It was New Year’s Eve.

I crashed my mom’s car in a parking lot.

It happened after weeks of almost working myself to death.

I had $428 in my bank account.

And yes, I remember the exact amount because the pain of LOSING IT AGAIN burned it into my memory.

I mean, somebody had to pay for the damage I caused to this car…

“I broke down in tears when I heard that they were able to repair the damage…”

I still remember how I cried.

It was New Year’s Eve and while my friends had a great time, I watched the fireworks from the driver’s seat of my slightly demolished car.

Just thinking about this day hurts.

While writing these lines to you, I’m holding back my tears…

I’m holding back my tears because I vividly remember the exact place where I parked my car when it was midnight.

It was a parking space opposite of a church in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I remember the sound of the firework.

And I remember how I cried. I cried for hours.

This overwhelming feeling of shame!

I was too ashamed to reply to my friend’s “Happy New Year!” messages.

I was too ashamed to tell my parents about the accident.

I was too ashamed to look into my tear-filled red eyes.

The pain of punching my fist against the steering wheel was the only way for me to numb the pain I felt inside.

In this moment I was not only completely broke. I was broken.

Have you ever felt worthless, lost, and hopeless at the same time?

That’s how I felt on this day and in the following weeks.

Let’s fast forward a couple of months…

In December 2019 I was visiting my parents for Christmas.

On December 21st 2019 I went to Karlsruhe to visit a friend.

At about 5 PM on December 21st 2019 I decided to visit my old office again.

I wanted to see this building one last time.

The moment I stepped out of the tram I broke down in tears.

Some people stared but I didn’t care.

This feeling was overwhelming.

Looking at these office walls reminded me of all the suffering, the anger, the hate, the feeling of worthlessness, the depression…

…I was overcome with emotion.

The person who looked at this building on this cold December evening was not the same person who used to work in it.

  • Now I feel worthy, I feel happy, and I feel rich.
  • Now I have multiple successful businesses.
  • Now I am financially free.

I broke down in tears of joy while I thought:

“I made it! I made it! I maaaade iiiit!”

But how did I get there?

How did I go from crying almost every day after work and every time I checked my bank account statement to crying tears of joy because I no longer have to work?

It all started with a dream.

This one night I woke up at 4 AM in the middle of the night.

My heart was beating uncontrollably fast.

My breath was heavy.

I switched on the lights and listened.

This voice…there was this voice that was talking to me.

  • “You created your poverty!”
  • “You created your poverty!!”
  • “You created your poverty!!!”

The voice got louder and louder.

While I heard it talking to me, I was scared. I was scared that I was about to go crazy.

Today I know that the universe was speaking to me.

In this moment I realized something so simple and yet so profound:

“If you can create poverty, you can create wealth.”

From this day forward I embarked on a journey.

A journey to find answers…

This journey led to all kinds of “coincidences”, or let’s better say synchronicities. 

  • I met experts in numerology who knew every event that had already happened in my life…without them knowing ANYTHING about me.
  • I met energy healers and magicians who were able to do things that are so supernatural that I can’t even mention them here without you thinking that I’m insane.
  • And I met an incredible life coach who made me believe in myself and my potential to be rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I still remember how he said:

“double it”

…when I told him about my income goal.

And I also remember how I felt when I had finally cracked the code of manifesting any amount of money you want by combining the following steps into ONE SIMPLE Meditation method:

  1. 1

    Make peace with your past.

  2. 2

    Change your subconscious mind by changing your emotional state.

  3. 3

    Create your future.

This one simple method allows you to become a…

Money Manifestation Magnet

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

Why is this method different than ANY OTHER meditation or technique to manifest money that you have ever tried?

Because it’s based on scientific research.

This method combines the Future Pacing Technique from the original teachings of Richard Bandler’s Neuro Linguistic Programming with the core principles of the Emotional Freedom Technique and the wisdom of Ancient Law of Attraction Scripting.

Please answer honestly…

  • Do you want to manifest more money?
  • Do you finally want to experience how it feels to be financially free?
  • Do you want to experience this feeling of pride and satisfaction because you can afford it…whatever “it” might be?

This life can be yours…very, very soon.

Now you’re probably asking yourself:

“Sebastian, what’s inside the Money Manifestation Magnet program?”

Thank you for allowing me to show you your future…

Money Manifestation Meditation 1: Change Your Mind About Money

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • An ancient law of attraction principle that allows you to effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind (WITHOUT making your conscious mind doubt your transformation).
  • The completely unorthodox “vicious cycle breaking” Vision Travel Hack that allows you to adjust to your new beliefs about money.
  • A “dignified” self-questioning strategy to identify believes that no longer serve you (This allows you to easily turn your limiting beliefs about money into empowering beliefs).

  • An unusual Meditative Emotional Freedom Technique that INSTANTLY allows you to let go off your old negative beliefs about money (No matter how long and severe you have been conditioned).

  • The word pattern that allowed me to immediately forgive everyone (including myself) who was responsible for installing negative beliefs about money in my mind (These words are so powerful that it doesn’t matter if you speak them out loud or in your mind).

  • An admittedly weird (but scientifically-proven) visualization technique that tricks your heart into experiencing the emotions a millionaire experiences every day (This matches your vibration to the vibration of a millionaire).  
  • The Emotional Pathway Script that allows you to feel the emotions of riches, wealth, and financial abundance (This is the first step and the key to manifesting large sums of money).

Money Manifestation Meditation 2: Rewrite Your Financial (Hi)story  

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • The powerful Prosperity Creation Principle that allows you to replace your old poverty-based story into a new & powerful wealth-based story (Money will easily flow to you once your mind believes this story).
  • A secret way to tap into multiple realities that gives your mind the chance to change your future by changing your perception of the past.
  • The mysterious “anti-hype” Money Magnifier questioning technique that allows you to create your story with riches, wealth and financial abundance (WARNING: This powerful technique only works if you answer the questions I ask you during the meditation truthfully).

  • An even in the spiritual community little-known linguistic sequence that opens your mind to the possibility that you are already rich and wealthy (Which will then create more wealth in your future).

  • The “Pursuit of Happiness” Plot Visualization Technique that forces your subconscious mind to accept the fact that you are and will always be financially abundant.

  • A heart-opening trigger that creates a feeling of unconditional love in your heart (This is the perfect frequency to feel rich and to eventually become rich).

  • The Multidimension Universe Method that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to feel poor, lack, or scarcity ever again (This method creates your “rich & wealthy” reality that already exists in the field).

Money Manifestation Meditation 3: Wealth Creation Mantra 

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • The Instant Realization Principle that allows you to naturally transition from “money scarcity” into an energetic “financial abundance” space.
  • The weird (but 100% true) reality shift I taught to dozens of my Skype coaching clients (This reality shift is so powerful that it might take a couple of days for you to fully realize the transformation that has occurred inside of you). 
  • A 200+ year old Mantra Introduction Method that I learned from a monk while I was living in Thailand that puts your body in a relaxed state while your mind stays alert enough to implement the necessary changes.

  • An almost frighteningly effective way to ask the universe if the wealth you want to create has already been created in your vortex.

  • The extremely important final message that your subconscious mind absolutely MUST internalize before any real transformation is possible.

  • The “angelic” Embedded Wealth Command that makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE for your future self to NOT create prosperity and to NOT achieve financial freedom.

  • A real-life word-for-word example I used to successfully condition my mind to accept my new financial abundance reality (These are the exact words that allowed me to manifest $100.000 in just two years).

Money Manifestation Meditation 4: Appreciation of Your Financial Abundance

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • A little-know Money Appreciation Sequence that leads to a higher vibration the moment you hear it for the first time (This is the EXACT Vibration that allows me to manifest thousands of dollars every month).
  • The Unlock the Wealth Door Principle that releases endorphins in your body that adjust your energy to the “ready to receive” frequency.
  • A previously unreleased EFT process that allows you to eliminate negative beliefs about your current financial situation (Do This for one week and you will NEVER feel poor again).

  • The profound realization that explains why most people don’t achieve financial abundance (The meditation allows you to make this realization & to rise above it).

  • A simple yet powerful way of moving (and resting) your hand during this meditation that allows your body to feel love for money and love for yourself.
  • The 1-second trick that makes sure that your subconscious mind finally realizes that you deserve financial abundance (It has something to do with a mall and with a cinema on the top floor).

  • The Current State Acceptance Sequence that makes it irrelevant if you have $10.000, $1.000 or $100 in your bank account (This sequence allows you to vibrate on a level that attracts material wealth by harnessing the quantum field of infinite possibilities).

Money Manifestation Meditation 5: The Vibration Money Loves  

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • The funny action I ask you to do (with your body) at the beginning of this meditation that can make or break your manifestation success (It’s so powerful because it releases stress and raises your vibration).
  • A powerful method that allows you to quickly experience the same positive emotions that allowed me to manifest financial abundance (I still use this method every morning to feel so freaking amazing).
  • The one transformation you must allow in your body (and later in your mind) if you want to be rich, wealthy and happy.

  • A strange (and totally illogical & irrational) way to release all doubt, worry, and anxiety concerning money and your financial future.

  • The First Day of Your Life Command that introduces the first day of your life as a rich person (I guide you through this experience by opening your heart to a new vibration….a vibration that attracts more money).

  • An empowering guided process that eliminates the energy that kept you trapped in a vibration that repels money (Once we “untrap” you from this energy, you are free to vibrate at the same frequency that the richest celebrities vibrate at).

  • The secret psychology behind Energy Transmutation that catapults you into a spiritual realm that makes “breathing in” money possible (I know that it sounds crazy but do this for one week and you will experience profound changes in your life).

Money Manifestation Meditation 6: The Clear Intention to Attract Money   

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

This powerful meditation is based on…

  • A mental trick used by almost all enlightened law of attraction gurus that can create a “money-attracting” intention that is so strong that the energy of money HAS TO flow to you.
  • The 9-letter word that allows you to launch rockets of desire into the universe that provides the universe with the exact blueprint of how much money you want (This step allows you to take the money out of the vortex and into your reality). 
  • A clever Subconscious Mind-Altering technique that tricks your brain into believing that the number on your bank account statement is changing RIGHT NOW (This is the vibration that eventually makes this change possible).

  • The Emotional Intelligence Method to reassure that you have achieve brain and heart coherence (This is essential for maintaining your vibration at a high frequency).
  • An emotion that is so powerful (yet so underrated) when it comes to feeling as if you have already attracted the money you want (WARNING: If you don’t feel this emotion, it is almost impossible to attract more money).

  • The one-two punch that accelerates the speed of your manifestation by combining two key manifestation techniques to a powerful tornado of wealth.

  • A completely forgotten law of attraction secret that literally forces your manifestation to become your reality (The word starts with P but it’s NOT Prosperity).

But there’s also bad news:

Even though I know with 100% certainty that you have to the potential to manifest large sums of money with this program…

…more money than you’ve ever held in your hands…

…I also know that there is a 97% chance that you will NOT make the small investment it takes to become a Money Manifestation Magnet.


It’s not because the program is expensive.

I give you such a generous exclusive discount that you can easily afford it, even if you have LESS THAN 30 bucks to your name.

It’s because you’ve been lied to your whole life…

Think back to all the YouTube videos of self-proclaimed spiritual gurus that you’ve watched in which they promised you that you can…

  • “Manifest $10,000 in less than 5 minutes!”
  • “Manifest $50,000 overnight with this affirmation!”
  • “Manifest $100,000 in just two days with this prayer!” 

You’ve been fed the most dangerous lie of the law of attraction community and I’m risking my reputation and maybe even my life by exposing this lie.

You’ve already guessed it.

I’m talking about the “instant manifestation” lie.

Don’t get me wrong. Instant manifestations are possible.


If you have no resistance and are in such a high vibration that you have ALREADY manifested your dream income and dream life.

Have you?

Then exit this page RIGHT NOW because you do not need any more advice.

  • But what if your monthly income is NOT what you want it to be?
  • What if you are NOT able to buy anything your heart desires?
  • What if you still worry about money and you are NOT financially free?

Then my Money Manifestation Magnet program will change your life.

Because once I became a magnet for money, ALL my businesses exploded…

“This is just one income stream from one of my businesses”

But let me be very, very clear:

If you rather continue to believe the lies from fake gurus instead of manifesting the money you want…

…please do NOT invest in this program!

I’m already financially free and so are many of my Skype coaching clients. 

That’s also why I offer you this program for such a low price.

Just think about all the value you receive when you decide to invest in Money Manifestation Magnet TODAY…

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